Galaxy of the stars, perfectly tailored program, fantastic sound...

"Mariusz Patyra and Leszek Mozdzer and the two phenomenal and unique ensembles Motion Trio and String Quartet Atom. And of course the hosts - Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Ernst van Tiel."

“Galaxy of the stars, perfectly tailored program, fantastic sound and an efficient organization meant that many in the audience found the concert yesterday Gorecki + to be even better than the earlier Swing "plus". After such a large, multi-thousand attendance, shrieks and shouts of delight and endless applause organizers should be in no doubt about the fact that it is worthwhile to continue the project "Classic +" during the next edition of the Solidarity of Arts. To the idea of ​​organizing a classical concert / serious "plus" with the same verve and the same scenes, which previously held the Swing + many people came up with reserve. The area is still huge, the seats reportedly prepared until 2000, and Polish contemporary music is not so popular in Poland. Are you sure? So numerous, thousands of fans during Sunday's concert Gorecki + seems to deny. Already half an hour before the event to the Golden Circle area filled up. (…) By the sounds of Folly No. 24 of Niccolo Paganini, played by one of the largest Polish violinists, Mariusz Patyra listeners by storm rushed the stage. Patyra played focused, not paying attention to what is happening in the audience. With the rest of the day before he confessed to me that she loves outdoor events and absolutely does not bother him in such a situation "more relaxed" atmosphere. These reshuffles in the audience, however, lasted only a minute. Later, the audience intently focused on what was happening on the three stages. And it was happening quite a lot, because it was truly all-star cast and unlike the previous concert Swing +, almost entirely Polish - two outstanding soloists: Mariusz Patyra and Leszek Mozdzer and the two phenomenal and unique ensembles Motion Trio and String Quartet Atom. And of course the hosts - Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Ernst van Tiel.

Mariusz Patyra, playing with virtuosity and lightness at the same time, opened the concert with the Paganini caprice. He also appeared together with Atom String Quartet phenomenally interpreting "Dance midgets" Antonia Bazziniego - audience (literally) squeal with delight! The Motion Trio performed the Oblivion by Astor Piazzola. During this song the sound system seemed to fail, because the violins got lost among the powerful sound of the accordions. When fixed this oversight, the music from the speakers was so ethereal that of the previous inconvenience was quickly forgotten. For a half an hour the audience intently listened to the great game of the artists. Each presentation was rewarded with a applause. On a stage located on the left side ruled the Motion Trio. The scene on the right side belonged to the Atom String Quartet. While the center stage was occupied by the hosts – the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra. The evening ended with the music patron of the event, Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki. First Leszek Mozdzer, together with the Motion Trio performed the Concerto for harpsichord and orchestra, arranged by J. Wojtarowicz. It was a performance full of an energy and a vigor! The highlight of the performance was, anticipated by the music lovers the Fourth Symphony of Mikołaj Górecki, which, unfortunately, he could never finished. The one who managed to do that was his son, Nicholas, who without any doubt inherited the talent from his father. This piece had its world premiere just a year ago, on April 12 at London's Royal Festival Hall. In May this year, thanks to the Gdansk Philharmonic under the baton of Ernst van Tiel, held its German premiere performance at the Festival Musikfestspiele Saar. Polish audience, like a few months ago, our western neighbors seemed to be charmed by both: the symphony itself and its performance - people listened as if they were hypnotized. Although some of them were a little tired of this piece, because (to quote one of the listeners), "it was too much Gorecki in Gorecki", the vast majority melted into raptures. The listeners, in the vast majority, remained in their seats until the end to call the performers on the stage three times in a row with a deserved thunderous applause, cheers and a standing ovation.

After the concert, many people said that although Swing + was one of the best, if not the best among the previous concerts, the Gorecki + totally eclipsed it. I’m more into the statement that the both parties have had as great, spectacular success. Perfectly tailored programs, outstanding performers, efficient organization but above all an excellent sound system, so that we could enjoy every sound caused that we will be talking for a long time about the both concerts as full of the superlatives. What is too sweet it is bland, so (…) let me add a spoonful of a tar. While the concerts were undoubtedly top-class artistic events, building scenes in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head rather not lent seriousness of the event. Displaying an image from the scene on the mouse ear was not a good idea, because the vast majority of listeners do not see the stage. Let me remind you that these scenes have occurred world-famous celebrities that everyone probably wanted to see. (…) During the concert Gorecki + was even worse - of course image was displayed, but nothing could be seen, until dusk fell, which took place at 8 out of 10 performed pieces.”

Ewa Palińska